Can Technical Teams Benefit From Learning To Be Better Improvisers?






Technical and quantitative professionals rarely have opportunities to develop their communication and collaborative skills while in school. Once on the job, and facing a myriad of communications, teaching and team building challenges, many people find that they need support to develop these “soft” communications and relational skills, so critical to an organization’s success.

Career Play, in a strategic partnership with improvscience, creates playful environments where people have the opportunity to develop emotional intelligence, get out of their comfort zones and learn new relational skills. We bring improvisation, executive coaching, human resources experience and technical expertise together in our trainings through our unique partnership.

The training team of quantitative biologist, Raquell Holmes and Career Play’s Marian Rich, offer expert help to advance the leadership capabilities of engineers, developers, computational and data scientists at various stages in their careers.

Dr. Holmes and Rich lead groups through improvisational scenarios and conversations where people have the opportunity to play and perform — get out of their comfort zones (as “the authority”) and learn new communication and collaborative skills. Clients report that these experiential learning environments create a transformative process that helps people better relate to and support the overall needs of the organization, strategy and team.

Participants develop an appreciation for others, an ability to communicate about their work, and a more collaborative approach to their relationships at all levels of the organization.


improvscience & Career Play uses a sociocultural approach to developing technical workforces, making use of advances in activity theory and performatory psychology.

We create a “professional gymnasium” in which participants can stretch and strengthen their collaborative/communications muscles through experiential, interactive improv exercise. Our performance-based approach develops people’s capacity to work creatively as a team capable of innovation.

The ability to actively listen, take risks, generate effective processes, and build on the contributions of others are primary outcomes of improvscience & Career Play’s performance based training programs.