Praise the people!

Here’s an interesting question: Why Does Criticism Seem More Effective than Praise? 

Sadly most of us think criticism yields better performance. That’s never made much sense to me.

In the theatre – whether I’m in a play or performing improv – too much criticism can be stifling and creates self consciousness that inhibits creativity, and I’d add that it stifles productivity.  Its demoralizing.

Actors know that often a great performance is followed by an average performance.  At work we can perform at the top of our game one day, or when we are engaged in a particular task, and less so at other times.

It’s so easy for us to forget that we are only human (we are not Watson!).  We criticize (and judge) people; we all do it (too) many times a day.  Sometimes we don’t even realize or mean to be critical, but we are.

If we perform in new ways and focus on the positive, if we give praise, give positive feedback, if we give – we might just find more joy in our workday and every day.

Give praise to the people!