Perform Leadership

What a great Management Tip from Harvard Business Review – Become A Leader Before Others See You As One! Here’s a valuable quote:

Experience and legitimacy are helpful, but they are not prerequisites to leadership. Take a look at the informal power you have — gained through your network, your ability to influence, or your passion — and begin using it now to make change in your organization.

One’s passion is a powerful tool that is often unrecognized by others and under-utilized in the workplace. This makes me think of performance – I think we have to perform leadership.

We under-utilize this human capability to be who we are not and to perform “a head taller” than we are in the workplace (and elsewhere)*. If we perform as a leader, regardless of how we feel or tend to behave we can and will become leaders.

Is there a need to create the environment and conditions for that to happen? Absolutely! I imagine that collaborative, non-hierarchical environments will foster more opportunities for the performance of leadership to occur.

* For more on the methodology surrounding performance in the workplace see my colleague Lois Holzman’s book “Vygotsky at Work and Play”