Strengthen collaborative and communication skills through experiential, interactive improv exercise.

Professionals at all levels face a myriad of communications, training and team building challenges. Many people find that they need support to develop communication, collaboration and relational skills, so critical to an organization’s success.

Career Play, in a strategic partnership with improvscience, creates a Professional Gymnasium in which participants can stretch and strengthen their collaborative and communication muscles through experiential, interactive improv exercise.

  • ImPossible Conversations: Turning Difficult Situations into New Possibilities – Learn to perform conversations that enhance professional relationships and create new possibilities, even in difficult situations. A “professional gymnasium” to deepen skills in transforming workplace conversations.
  • Better Data Through PlayA context and framework for scientists to develop the social/emotional intelligence to make data meaningful to internal and external clients. Improvscience & Career Play bring years of experience leading people from diverse backgrounds, including people for whom English is a second language.
  • From Me to We: A New Performance of Leadership Learning to say, “yes, and…” building with the “offers” of others is a critical skill for managers. The transformation from “me” to “we” allows managers to build and coach collaborative, cohesive, and productive teams. In order to be a better coach, you have to be able to be coached. Designed for managers of quantitative and/or technical teams.


Raquell Holmes and Marian Rich - Strengthen collaborative and communication skills through experiential, interactive improv exercise.

Computational biologist, Raquell Holmes and Career Play’s Marian Rich, offer expert help to advance the leadership capabilities of executives. Together, we bring improvisation, executive coaching, human resources experience and technical expertise to our trainings. Our unique partnership includes collaborative communication trainings with researchers, engineers, computational and data scientists at various stages in their careers.

The ability to actively listen, take risks, generate effective processes, and build on the contributions of others are primary outcomes of improvscience & Career Play’s performance based training programs.