Discover the value of play, performance and improvisation in developing creative, collaborative, engaged and transformational leaders.Improv NetworkingImprovNetworking is an entirely new and “off-script” approach that makes networking and relationship-building more playful and powerful for professionals at all levels.

Customizable to meet the needs of your organization for in-person events or online via Zoom videoconferencing.

Cost-effective * Time-effective * Immediate Results

Half an hour into an ImprovNetworking session, participants are speaking with each other in new ways that are relaxed, natural, and effective. No need to rely upon a scripted process or a formulaic solution.

Improvnetworking incorporates networking workshops, classes, working sessions, seminars for relationship building and new connections

A playground for social development, ImprovNetworking enhances human connection. Research shows that play is linked with less fatigue, boredom, stress and burnout in the workplace. Increase employee engagement retention, efficiency and productivity.

  • In our fragmented, multi-tasking, technology-driven workplace being fully present and actively listening are essential skills for efficiency and productivity.
  • Creating cohesive teams, enhancing human connection and communication leads to better performance and innovation.
  • A healthy, non-confrontational and fun way to shift mindsets for companies that are transforming or experiencing a merger or acquisition.
  • Improvisation develops spontaneity and creativity to meet unanticipated challenges.
  • Millennials want more innovation, variety and fun in their learning and development plans.
  • Connect remote teams around the globe and learn how to strengthen human connection in the midst of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of our world.


  • Marian led an ImprovNetworking workshop for my Executive Leadership team at a recent offsite. We all stretched our personal boundaries and learned how to more effectively open conversations and practice the art of saying “yes, and” instead of “no” when approaching a situation or issue. As we are in a customer facing industry 24/7 the emphasis on the yes, and approach to problem solving was invaluable. – Marlene Poynder, General Manager, Conrad New York Downtown / Hilton Hotels 
  • ImprovNetworking was the most fun, engaging and valuable networking event I’ve ever been to. – Ian Klein, Learning & Development professional
  • Marian Rich’s facilitated activities build confidence and empower participants to perform at their highest potential. – Libby Westley, Christopher Newport University
  • Marian employed wit, charm and humor to create a welcomed diversion from our highly structured program – Ken Sassano, Director of Manhattan BNI Chapter (With over 230,000 members in over 75 countries, BNI is the world’s leading referral organization.)

Improvnetworking incorporates networking workshops, classes, working sessions, seminars for relationship building and new connections