An innovative off-script approach to networking and relationship building for professionals at all levels. Customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

Half an hour into an ImprovNetworking session, participants are speaking with each other in new ways that are relaxed, natural, and effective. No need to rely upon a scripted process or a formulaic solution.

ImprovNetworking reignites the natural curiosity all people have about each other – the key to great networking. Participants reconnect to the innate human ability to play and improvise. ImprovNetworking allows people to overcome preconceived, often negative, associations with the notion of building and sustaining a network of relationships.

Find out why Fortune 500 companies (i.e., Google, PepsiCo, MetLife, McKinsey) have discovered the value of applied improvisation. Outcomes from improvisational experiential learning include:

  • A greater capacity for spontaneity and creativity
  • The ability to respond quickly and decisively to unanticipated challenges
  • New mind-sets, and a range of inter- and intrapersonal skills for professionals at all levels.

In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, these capabilities are more important than ever.

  • ImprovNetworking is a cost-effective solution for L&D, as results are immediate.
  • Participants leave with an enthusiasm to develop new connections, inside and outside their organizations, and deepen existing relationships.
  • Sessions can be delivered via workshops, seminars and ongoing programs. Great for business unit leadership off-sites, conferences, team building, and on-boarding new employees.

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