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Learning & Development Through Play

Marian Rich Career Play WorkshopCareer Play Inc. works with organizations that want to develop a more collaborative, innovative and effective workforce. We provide human resource consulting – from talent acquisition, to creating a better work environment, to coaching and training staff – using an improvisational and playful approach.

“While the worlds of comedy and business may not initially appear to have much in common, a growing number of firms are in fact turning to comedians to help them boost staff communication, performance, and creativity.”

— Quoted from BBC News article, No joke: Why the business world is embracing comedy (published 3/10/16)





An innovative, off-script approach to networking and relationship building.

improvscience and Career Play Inc

improvscience & Career Play

A Professional Gymnasium in which data scientists, programmers and engineers can stretch and strengthen their collaborative and communication muscles.

Recruiting and Research Services

Recruiting & Research Services

We can help you identify and recruit qualified candidates to create a better workforce. We also provide research services to investment management firms.


Ditch Your Elevator Pitch

Do you keep your distance at networking events? Do you find yourself repeating the same elevator pitch no matter who you’re talking to? Do you feel lonely in a room full of people? ImprovNetworking is an off-script approach to relationship building that doesn’t rely on a scripted process or a formulaic solution. In fact, ImprovNetworking reignites […]

Improv Networking

Need to Engage and Retain Millennials?

As more and more companies are looking for ways to engage and retain talent, listening to the needs of millennials becomes critical. According to a study by Deloitte of 10,455 millennials, there is a demand for skill development in the areas of interpersonal skills, confidence/motivation, innovation and creativity. ImprovNetworking is an entirely new and off-script […]

A Passion for Learning … yes, and …

Take a look at critical skills needed for success in the 21st century, as listed in article The 14 soft skills every IT pro needs: Salesmanship Effective communication The ability to translate tech A collaborative mindset Empathy The ability to put things in context Customer service — even with colleagues The ability to ask the right […]

What I Learned From What Google Learned

I recently revisited research Google has been engaged in with their employees over the last few years. Contrary to what one might expect from the tech giant and 21st century conventional wisdom (“learn to code!”), their findings were that the top characteristics of success are all “soft skills. Interestingly, but not at all surprising, the […]