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Learning & Development Through Play

Marian Rich Career Play WorkshopCareer Play Inc. works with organizations that want to develop a more collaborative, innovative and effective workforce. We provide human resource consulting – from talent acquisition, to creating a better work environment, to coaching and training staff – using an improvisational and playful approach.

“While the worlds of comedy and business may not initially appear to have much in common, a growing number of firms are in fact turning to comedians to help them boost staff communication, performance, and creativity.”

— Quoted from BBC News article, No joke: Why the business world is embracing comedy (published 3/10/16)





An innovative, off-script approach to networking and relationship building.

improvscience and Career Play Inc

improvscience & Career Play

A Professional Gymnasium in which data scientists, programmers and engineers can stretch and strengthen their collaborative and communication muscles.

Recruiting and Research Services

Recruiting & Research Services

We can help you identify and recruit qualified candidates to create a better workforce. We also provide research services to investment management firms.


Play at Work!

More and more people in business, academia and psychology are recognizing the importance of play throughout our life span. Why do adults need to play? We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. In play we create joy and laughter – we can go beyond ourselves. As a play advocate, I was recently inspired by […]

Can We Talk about Small Talk?

Has the art of conversation slipped away from us? Discover how ImprovNetworking can help.

85% of Jobs That Will Exist In 2030 Haven’t Been Invented Yet

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review published an important and interesting article about talent acquisition: 21st Century Talent Spotting by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz.  The article contained valuable research about the nature of potential and the need to hire for potential: Research points to five markers of potential: a strong motivation to excel in the pursuit of challenging goals combined with the humility […]

Good news! Being and Becoming Culture-Changers

Ready for some good news in the midst of a polarized, contentious, hyper-partisan national debate? People around the world are playing, performing and becoming other than who they are! We are embracing our human capability to be who we are and who we are not. We are being who we are becoming. There’s a conceptual […]